10 Essential Indian Recipes to Get your started with your Instant Pot

An instant pot fits in beautifully in the Indian kitchen. But, you knew that, right? It really is just an automated and upgraded version of your beloved pressure cooker. Having said that, there are a bunch of buttons and settings to get the hang of and people are often unsure about where to get started. I think this short list of tested and and tried essentials can get you pointed in the right direction.

  1. Perfect Basmati Rice: A good bowl of steamed rice, is essential to any Indian table. This post from Ashley’s blog is detailed and offers you all the troubleshooting tips that you can think of. Prefer your choice of brown rice, actually the instant pot rocks that too. In fact, these days I am a brown rice convert thanks to the instant pot.
  2. Easy Chicken Biryani: This classic one pot dish is made ridiculously simple in the instant pot. Weeknight or party favorite, I will let you decide.

Instant Pot Dal Tarka3.  Easy Essential Tarka Dal: Along with your basic rice, you need a practical effortless yellow dal recipe. I  cannot begin to tell you how many times my Dal Tarka has rescued me on busy weeknights.

4. Dal Makhani: Because we love our legumes so much, here is one more for you to ponder on. This is a rich and creamy stew made with a couple of different pulses. A perfect dish for a vegetarian dinner.

Alug obhi5. Alu Gobi :- A comforting easy take on this vegetarian classic. Potatoes and Cauliflower are meant to be together. 6.Alu Palak Lentil Subji: An easy wholesome one pot dish, perfect with some store bought flatbreads.

7. Chicken Korma: An easy comforting take on the classic dish, just quicker and lighter in the instant pot.

8. Saag Chicken:  This is another easy and simple favorite.

9. Punjabi Egg Curry: I love egg curries, this one seems so flavorful and perfect.

10. Sweet Potato Halwa: And something sweet to wrap things up with.

Here is to more instant pot cooking.

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