Cooking Class PictureTo create Indian cooking at home, what’s needed is a coach, and that is the role performed by Bhattacharya.

The Journal News, 2006

Cooking Classes

It all started with a group of work friends, who got tired of asking me to give them recipes, so, almost ten years ago I put together a series of six classes that ran the gamut from main courses to desserts and still form the emphasis of the classes that I teach today. Cooking is an organic and natural concept, and I like to emphasize that in my classes, what you will learn is a simple and practical approach to Indian home cooking.

Most often, I have morphed to shorter classes, one-day and two-day sessions because I have realized that is really what works for everyone. Yes, as the kids have grown older I realize why most of you find a six week commitment difficult to handle. They rule your schedule! My classes work with any level of interest, from essential spices, recreation, and most dietary restrictions. My favorite place to teach you is from my home kitchen, as that is where home cooking is really taught.

However, outside of home, I do teach at Hilltop Hanover Farm, Chef Central and Valley Variety make sure to follow the events page to check out what is coming up.

My home classes can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, group classes will include groups of 4 to 6 people (at $70 per person) and couples classes for 2 people ($95 per person).

I will travel for a large group (more than 7 people) in the local Westchester area. I have done pop-up book dinners, bridal showers and birthday parties and the pricing will vary depending on the event.

For all these classes, I work with you on a menu of dishes that can accommodate most diet restrictions, I do have a leaning towards recipes from my cookbooks, Spices and Seasons and The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles. As long as you accommodate my penchant for freshly ground spices and general affection for using that which is in season, I can work with you on almost anything.

I also offer gift certificates for cooking classes. Here are some templates for suggested classes.