Hi, I am Rinku! Spice Chronicles is a food centric journey accented with fresh Indian flavors. I love spices, children, numbers and my camera (not in any particular order).  This blog is set against the back drop of a crazy suburban NY family (think morning commute, homework drama, weekend games and activities), is about getting wholesome, easy clutter-free food on the table. This blog offers a personal perspective on fresh tasting flexitarian, flavorful cooking. I use simple seasonal ingredients, with a lot of vegetables, legumes, nuts and a fair amount of fish and seafood with a moderate amount of meat, not unlike the Bengali diet I have grown up with.

The roots of my cooking incorporate flavors of an Indian childhood, and the myriad influences that come into my New York kitchen, through travels, samplings friends and experiments. Most of the time I work with a few core spices, my favorites are cumin, coriander and turmeric and lots and lots of herbs that grow in gay profusion in my backyard.


The Indian recipes tend to offer a significant amount of Bengali (my roots) flavors and some North Indian (my husband’s roots) cooking. There are a large number of vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian recipes on this site.

Rajmah_North Indian Red Kidney Beans

Food is an important way for us to connect with each other, share our daily highs and lows.

The Spice Chronicle crew consists of my Geek and gardener husband (also the keeper of the curry garden and the official green police), who keeps me replenished with prolific supplies of all things garden worthy. Our backyard or the Curry Garden in particular, is a huge source of creativity and fun for our family. This little plot of land that provides our supplies six months of the year is called, “the little backyard that could.” In summers it brings to our table, a harvest of greens, berries, carrots, beets, apples, cherries, tomatoes, okra and various other things that show up with recipes in this blog. This part of the food process is managed by my husband an avid gardener and assisted by the kids, now 9 and11.


If you are looking for practical everyday recipes, particularly ideas for working with seasonal produce, kid-friendly recipes, time saving menus, this might be the place to be.

The classes and food events are really an extension of these efforts, where I like to work with people to share the essentials of Indian flavors. , I prefer the word flavors to cooking, as I think that is broader and tends to capture the essence of a cuisine. In my classes, I also like to emphasize the overall flexibility of Indian flavors and cuisine. My husband and in-laws are vegetarian, in fact, my mother-in-law does not eat onion or garlic in her cooking, my pescetarian mother prefers her food meatless, my son has multiple food allergies avoids gluten) and one of my brothers is vegan. I like to make this all work without extra compromise.


So, I would like to think that I have recipes that fit most lifestyles. My first cookbook, The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles offers you an insight into the Bengali cuisine of Eastern India as I like to create and remember it. It is my invitation to you to explore a new dimension of Indian cooking. My second cookbook is almost a continuation, Spices and Seasons, is much like the flavors of this blog, simple, sustainable and very practical.

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