Suviving my first Spices and Seasons Pop-Up


IMG_0016  There were two promises that I had made to myself (ok, myself and the Spice Chronicles household!) – 1. I would not let the cookbooks interfere with the household routine and

2. En Route to promoting the cookbooks, I would not take a hackneyed and jaded journey!

Ok, I am faltering on number one, it does take some time and energy to come up with interesting ways to promote things, and while I am having fun, it certainly has meant some time that has come out of the broader family kitty of time.

Now, onto to the second, I have had a lot of fun working through interesting and unusual collaborations! This has certainly let the way to my first pop-up event, a five course tasting with our very own and local Broken Bow Brewery. Our first set of meetings led through our tasting menus, you can find the details here. Well, this one took, some persuasion and thought to cross the line between a full blown cooking class and well, a pop-up.


On the menu, was a collection of dishes from the Spices and Seasons, cookbook paired perfectly with an assortment of beers from the Broken Bow collection. This is hardly a surprise, as Indian food pairs perfectly with beer. The few pictures here are, this one of the Split Pea and Red Onion fritters or the masala vada. The earthy flavors of this one, worked oh so well, with the neutral IPA!

Baigan Bhartha

Perfectly done, Baigan Bhartha, with just a dollop of sour cream. This was paired with a delicate stinger! Gentle and delicate, everyone love this one. I also, moved on to my roasted cauliflower and vindaloo, which was actually simmered in lager and yes, served with the lager.

Broken Bow Promo Picture

By then, we had all hands on deck, lots and lots of action. I would have loved more pictures of the action, but I will save that for a different event. With just Kristen and me, manning the people this got a little crazy.


Wrapping up with my saffron and cardamom rice pudding, this one was paired with a seasonal and specialty brew, their white chocolate ale. This was probably the highlight of the evening, we had a boutique and customized pairing and very fresh and clean home make Indian food. I left with the same tired euphoria, that I feel after my cooking classes. And yes, I will be doing some soon.

Some of you have been inquiring, we will do something again, possibly next year, or maybe a Holi pop-up. I would not have survived without the amazing team of Danielle (social media), Kristen, (everything you can think of and more), Brian and Kasey for the pairings and the lovely Sophia who worked me be the whole evening. I am sure there were others. But for today, this was it.

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