Two Facebook Groups and why should I buy an Instant Pot?

Instant PotIt has been no surprise that I have become quite the fan of the instant pot.  I have actually started two facebook groups to share my enthusiasm. Beans and legumes in the instant pot and Indian regional cooking in the instant pot. I hope you check these groups out and join the fun.

I get a lot of questions on the instant pot.

The first one, what is an instant pot and why should I buy one?

An instant pot is an electric programmable pressure cooker and essentially it is a useful addition to your cooking arsenal. If you are already a stove top pressure cooker user you will appreciate the ability to use a pressure cooker without having to watch it do its job.

If you have not used a pressure cooker and would like to use one, the instant pot takes the guess work out of the process. Overall, pressure cooking is not instant (sorry folks, I cannot lie), but it I certainly cuts down cooking time significantly. The added advantage with the instant pot is that it runs its cooking cycle and turns off on its own. This is a tremendous advantage for someone like me.

Naturally, the pressure cooker is not for everything, but it is a good fit in the Indian kitchen.

And outside of the pressure cooking, I find the steaming function, the yogurt or fermentation function a great help. To my extreme surprise I realized that the saute function providing a steady uniform cooking temperature is extremely helpful. It works for cooking down milk (an absolute essential for Indian cooking) like magic. The only disadvantage I find is that it is fairly large and will take up quite a bit of counter space.Instant Pot

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