Viceroy Publik House-Bringing the Raj to Stamford

Viceroy Public HouseViceroy Public House is a whimsical attempt to capture moments of the British Raj. Or stated differently, it is an attempt to recapture the British love affair with Indian food, the pub scene and all things fun. It is often difficult to marry two different influences in the menu, but Viceroy is certainly giving this a brave, bold and well balanced  effort.

Waldorf Salad

Publik House, “Pub” for short, was artfully designed by the British, dating as far back as the 1300s. Its focus was that of a gathering place where beer and cider were merely offerings within the pub’s social or political confines. Today, it is still a gathering place with it’s own general of pub-style food.


The menu brings classic items like onion pakoras or bhajis as they are more commonly called in the UK, and fusion findings such as a decadent Lobster Tikka Mac and a Mulligatawny Soup, that has stolen my heart and taste buds forever.

Tikki Mac


My version is pretty good, but you should visit Viceroy to check out the original. The general relaxed fun vibe offers something for everyone including a formal dining room that is good for a quieter dining experience.

Owner  Ramya Lakshman had commissioned restaurateur and music aficionado Eric Monte to bring an interesting English/Indian experience to the bi-level townhouse at 211 Summer Street.

Yard Fowl

The crowd working with Viceroy are a happy chatty bunch, very excited about their eclectic baby. When visiting try to grab someone to fill you in about the history and concept. On a fun night, grab a mike and sing along if you fancy karaoke it. With summer on its way, get out and get your self a cold one with spicy chutney speckled noshings to balance your palate.

The chefs

The kitchen team of chef’s teven Bianchini and Kallingapuram Sarith are a formidable kitchen duo, and we should expect more kitchen magic from them as the menu evolves and settles in.

Viceroy Publik House

211 Summer Street

Stamford, CT

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